Hooker 8502-1HKR Exhaust Manifold - trainent

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Hooker 8502-1HKR - LS Exhaust Manifold - 2.5" - (Silver Ceramic)Hooker LS Cast Iron Exhaust Manifolds will provide years of leak-free performance with less under hood noise than traditional headers. They are designed to hug close to the engine block so they fit into a wide variety of replacement and engine-swap applications. Their contoured design aims the exhaust directly at the exit port for improved flow. Not compatible with 2004-2006 GTO starters/bellhousings. Although designed as a stock replacement, this product does not have a C. A. R. B. Executive Order Exemption and therefore may or may not be legal for any particular pollution controlled application. Check with your state or local governmental authority regarding approval for your application. Have been validated thus far for fitment on 1970-81 GM F-bodies, 82-88 GM G-bodies and 68-72 GM A-bodies. The Hooker line of Super Competition and Competition headers, mufflers and cat-back exhaust systems are the most complete and wanted on the market. Since the golden era of drag racing in the 1960, Hooker has helped more racers than any other header company. Hooker became part of Holley's family in 1999.